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Even though I say it’s episode 25 – it’s really 26 (SMH). Today’s guest is my partner in crime, one of my besties, and one who has maybe had the largest impact on my faith journey – pastor, preacher, producer of the movie Ragamuffin, little brother to Rich Mullins, and big spiritual brother to me,…
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EP: 15 | Am I free?

David Leo Schultz shares his ragamuffin reflections on the subject of freedom. In light of the 4th of July, as America celebrates their independence, the follower of Jesus should reflect where they are free and where their soul craves its’ independence. To support David’s Ragamuffin Mission and get exclusive perks like a free membership to…
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EP: 6 – Erich Kussman | From Prisoner to Pastor pt. 1

In this weeks episode we hear one of the best sermons you will ever hear in 10 minutes from Erich Kussman, a man who spent 12 years in prison and is now a pastor in New Jersey. Then you will hear Erich’s full story. Hands down one of the most amazing God stories you will…
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EP: 3 – Hide and go love me

EP: 3 – “Hide and go love me”. On this weeks episode David reads his blog about being really loved by being really real and delivers a sermon on the DNA of God, and talks about his guest for EP:4 – Wm Paul Young (The Shack). If you would like to support my Ragamuffin Mission…
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