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EP: 7 – Eric Kussman pt. 2 – From Prisoner to Pastor

EP: 7 – Eric Kussman pt. 2 – From Prisoner to Preacher Taken from a conversation David Leo Schultz and Eric Kussman had on the show “Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes” on the streaming channel Ragamuffintv.com. We highly suggest you listen to EP: 6 before listening to this conversation so you can hear Eric’s Story. Have you…
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EP: 6 – Erich Kussman | From Prisoner to Pastor pt. 1

In this weeks episode we hear one of the best sermons you will ever hear in 10 minutes from Erich Kussman, a man who spent 12 years in prison and is now a pastor in New Jersey. Then you will hear Erich’s full story. Hands down one of the most amazing God stories you will…
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EP: 3 – Hide and go love me

EP: 3 – “Hide and go love me”. On this weeks episode David reads his blog about being really loved by being really real and delivers a sermon on the DNA of God, and talks about his guest for EP:4 – Wm Paul Young (The Shack). If you would like to support my Ragamuffin Mission…
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