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EP: 42 | Share YOUR good news

David, Shawn, & Randy talk about their perspective of what God is up to in their lives in the ecumenical church. Shawn steers the conversation towards Christ and sharing the good news that He is doing in your life. Please support this podcast at: http://patreon.com/davidleoschultz Visit and SUBSCRIBE to our YT PAGE: http://YOUTUBE.COM/RAGAMUFFINTV Subscribe to: http://ragamuffintv.com

EP: 37 | Is God Love?

An inevitable day came in David’s faith where you had to cross the bridge of confessing the incongruity between the picture Jesus paints of God…and the rest of the Bible. Listen as David reads a section from his journal about his transition from believing what he was taught versus believing for himself. Watch the latest…
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Brad Jersak is a Canadian Theologian and the author of several books including “Her gates will never be shut”. David and Brad discuss hell and who’s going there. To support David and his non-profit ministry with an ON-GOING support – donate your gift here: http://patreon.com/davidleoschultz To support this NON-PROFIT ministry with a ONE TIME DONATION…
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EP: 32 | BRIAN ZAHND – “No one is refused!”

David meets Brian for the first time over Skype and they chat about questions David has on behalf of his friend who is loosing his faith. Listen to this insightful conversation that talks about the damage done by the Penal Substitutionary Atonement Theory. To support David and his non-profit ministry with an ON-GOING support –…
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