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EP: 18 | Hating the Church

David discusses and reflects on his experiences inside the church, and where to go and what to do if you have been beat-up and burnt out my religion and religious people. If you want to help support David’s podcast, and goal to share God’s love through movies and ministry go here: https://www.patreon.com/davidleoschultz

EP: 17 | Mark Lee (from Third Day) – God’s love will find us.

EP: 17 | Mark Lee (from Third Day) – God’s love will find us. David calls up Mark Lee (from the band Third Day) to discuss his new single “God’s love will find me” and his solo career. Support David’s Non-profit Movie on St. Francis of Assisi (all profits go to https://www.napenasi.com). You can make…
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EP: 16 | The Joy of Poverty

David Leo Schultz is going to make the St. Francis movie this fall…on his credit card…you can support this non-profit endeavor to support this movie (which all the profits go to the poor): https://www.gofundme.com/st-Francis-movie The poor he is giving the profits to is an organization led by Rich Mullins Brother Lloyd Mullins & Dave McCoy:…
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EP: 15 | Am I free?

David Leo Schultz shares his ragamuffin reflections on the subject of freedom. In light of the 4th of July, as America celebrates their independence, the follower of Jesus should reflect where they are free and where their soul craves its’ independence. To support David’s Ragamuffin Mission and get exclusive perks like a free membership to…
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Sad Clowns & Suicidal Christians

The title of this piece is: Sad Clowns & Suicidal Christians. Of which both apply to me. It’s a common idea that Comedians are screwed up. Between the horrible home I grew up in, to the abuse of my Mother and neglect of my father. To my Cousin committing suicide, and to living in the…
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EP: 14 | Bill Kinison on his brother Sam Kinison & his friend Robin Williams.

On this episode David talks with his friend & co-star from the movie “Brennan” – Bill Kinison. They discuss his famous comedian brother Sam Kinison, stories of faith and fame, including officiating his dear friend Robin Williams funeral. Also, the episode begins with David discussing his own heart on the subject of depression and suicide…
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EP: 13 | Kevin Max (DC Talk) & Mike Norman (Larry Norman’s Son) talk about their next record, music, Rich Mullins, & Brennan Manning stories.

David Leo Schultz records a convo with Kevin and Mike about their upcoming recording project covering one of Larry Norman’s albums. They discuss their stories, and even discuss Rich Mullins, Brennan Manning, and very cool early rock n roll stories about Larry Norman crossing paths with many legends like Paul McCartney. To learn more about…
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EP: 12 – Blogs & Apologies

This episode David Leo Schultz reads some of his favorite writings & invites his musician friend Nick on the show. They talk about film, music, art…which leads into deeper waters like depression and suicide…and David absolutely looses his mind talking about people that think you go to hell if you commit suicide. So …apologies up…
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The Manipulative Meaning of Historical Heresy

While, yes, there is brief mention from Paul in his letters in the New Testament of keeping watch of your doctrine…there was no call for the church to start executing people if they went against what the church believed…and yet…that’s exactly what we did. And this is barely talked about.  What is talked about is…
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EP: 11 – Bobby Polito – On faith, homelessness in NYC, and President George W. Bush in Washington D.C.

David Leo Schultz hangs out with one of his great friends and discusses his incredible story of faith, marriage, his heart for the poor and marginalized, and being asked by President Bush to work in the White House. To support David’s movies and ministry and get access to a ton of exclusive perks visit: https://www.patreon.com/davidleoschultz…
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