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EP: 24 | Fil Anderson on “Blind Spots” and what defines you.

Fil Anderson, author of Running on Empty, Breaking the Rules, and most recently Blind Spots, was friend of Notorious Sinner and Saint himself – Brennan Manning – once traveling and speaking along side his friend.  Fil and David became fast friends 9 years ago…when David got in touch with Fil trying to track Brennan Manning…
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My 95 Theses

In the year 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a church. If he were alive today I think he would nail these 95 These’s to the metaphorical door of the evangelical Christian church: 1. No using the Bible as a weapon. 2. No bringing shame in Jesus name. 3. The…
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EP: 23 | Mitch McVicker on lessons learned from Rich Mullins

Mitch McVicker – Dove Award Winning Singer-Songwriter, a great friend and traveling road companion of Rich Mullins and the one who lived on the Navajo Reservation with Rich the last two years of his life. Now – long time friends with Mitch – after making the movie on Rich Mullins life – David and Mitch…
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EP: 22 – Shane Claiborne & Gun Violence

You will have to stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear David completely have a mental breakdown about what has been making him furious in the Christian Culture lately – But before that…David flew to Philly to hang out with friends Erich Kussman and Shane Claiborne as they put on an event…
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EP: 21 | Ragamuffin Camper – Sid Lane

After an adventurous trip home from Estes Park, Co David Leo Schultz sits down and chats with Sid Lane – a ragamuffin camper who has gone from stranger, to friend, to one of the ragamuffin family members.  To support David’s Ragamuffin Mission visit: https://www.patreon.com/davidleoschultz To support the production of the St. Francis Movie visit: gofundme.com/st-francis-moviehttps://www.gofundme.com/f/st-francis-movie

EP: 20 | The St. Francis of Assisi Movie pt. 1 – Lee Anderson

The St. Francis of Assisi movie is happening. The movie will be called, “God’s Fool.” Production is under way! Almost half of the movie has been made – David sits down with the actor/musician who is playing St. Francis of Assisi. They talk about the spirit of Francis and the journey of their friendship that…
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My God is not…

My God is not the god of those who would rather have a White Rambo as their savior vs a Brown Rabbi. My God is not the god who is a pawn to promote a political party. My God doesn’t have VIP room for only the rich and famous, the popularly pious, or the decorated…
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EP: 19 | A Christian was never supposed to be a Noun

David Leo Schultz has dove into the deep end of making his third movie…on a credit card. He’s taking a break from his hectic schedule to share his heart on what the Lord is stirring on his heart. Three ways you can support David’s Ragamuffin Mission: Get a tax donation by donating a gift to…
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BLOG: Jesus is not Fair

Jesus is not fair. Despite everything we want God to be…God is not. Before the incarnation (that the Christian tradition believes in)…we viewed God through our lens of what we think things should be. What Fundamental literalists don’t understand or perhaps wish to accept is that they read the bible with a framework…and if that’s…
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EP: 18 | Hating the Church

David discusses and reflects on his experiences inside the church, and where to go and what to do if you have been beat-up and burnt out my religion and religious people. If you want to help support David’s podcast, and goal to share God’s love through movies and ministry go here: https://www.patreon.com/davidleoschultz