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EP: 40 | Judgmental Christians Are The Best!

The is the first episode where you officially have three hosts: Shawn Chadwell, Randy Wheeler, and David Leo Schultz. The met in college and bonded over their love for comedy and God’s love. Formerly with the sketch comedy team, “The Color Green”- they now are back together again sharing God’s love through this podcast and…
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EP: 39 | Meet Shawn Chadwell

David’s friend, Shawn Chadwell, joins the conversation as a guest and an irregular co-host the Ragamuffin Podcast. Shawn is a former vocational pastor and now non-vocational pastor with our ministry – meaning we don’t pay him. Hear Shawn’s story – then hear why David completely lost his mind and his sh*t on legalistic christians this…
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To Gary V.

(Note: This message is just for one person – but if you are so inclined to read – this will give you a good picture of where I am at and where I hope to be.) Hi Gary V., Whether you read this or not, I wanted to be prepared for our conversation and not…
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EP: 38 | Meet Randy Wheeler

Randall Lee Wheeler (“Randy”) was the best man in David Leo Schultz’s wedding, one of the main members of David’s long running sketch comedy team, “The Color Green”, and he is one of David’s best friends for over 20 years. On this episode – find out why. And find out why Randy has been added…
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EP: 37 | Is God Love?

An inevitable day came in David’s faith where you had to cross the bridge of confessing the incongruity between the picture Jesus paints of God…and the rest of the Bible. Listen as David reads a section from his journal about his transition from believing what he was taught versus believing for himself. Watch the latest…
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EP: 36 | Waterwheel of Faith

David has been struggling for years with getting vs. giving. But a new vision and metaphor has broken David free. Listen to today’s ramblings to see if this metaphor might be helpful for finding freedom in your faith. Help us pay off the debt for the St. Francis Movie: Help support David’s movies and…
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EP: 35 | Welcome to the “Ragamuffin” Podcast

David Leo Schultz has re-branded, relaunched, the podcast to simply be called, “Ragamuffin.” A fitting title for the time and place in which he finds himself. The podcast will simply be raw, real reflections of his ragamuffin faith. Listen to learn more. You can support David’s Ragamuffin Mission here:

EP: 34 | Black Lives Matter w/ Pastor Keith Spencer

Keith Spencer is a pastor and has been building bridges and has calling of racial reconciliation. David and Keith have been friends for 20 years and discuss the systematic problem of racism both inside and outside of the American White Evangelical Church.


Brad Jersak is a Canadian Theologian and the author of several books including “Her gates will never be shut”. David and Brad discuss hell and who’s going there. To support David and his non-profit ministry with an ON-GOING support – donate your gift here: To support this NON-PROFIT ministry with a ONE TIME DONATION…
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EP: 32 | BRIAN ZAHND – “No one is refused!”

David meets Brian for the first time over Skype and they chat about questions David has on behalf of his friend who is loosing his faith. Listen to this insightful conversation that talks about the damage done by the Penal Substitutionary Atonement Theory. To support David and his non-profit ministry with an ON-GOING support –…
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