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This feels like a first date. What do you want to know?

I’m originally from Indiana and now I live in a tent in your back yard. No! You’re the creepy one that wants to know all my personal biz-ness.

As a teenager with a rough home life, being abused, loosing a father figure to suicide, and struggling with depression…life very early on felt very meaningless…I quip that I understood the meaning of the book of “Ecclesiastes” WAY TOO EARLY. And then at a summer camp I was suddenly clobbered by the love of God.

With a crappy home life – it was this rag tag church camp in Hillsboro, Indiana became a shangrila where I would continue to encounter this Divine Loving Presence.

So as a teenager I loved two things: Comedy & Jesus. And as a young teenager I had this idea to do sketch comedy and preach Jesus.

So i started a sketch comedy team called “The Color Green” and I did this all the way through my college years. I joke that I was in ministry before I knew what “ministry” even meant. I wasn’t preaching as much as I was just telling people Jesus loved them. No titles or labels. Just sharing the love of God.

After shipwrecking my life shortly after college and drowning in shame my dreams of being a vagabond evangelist felt crushed.

So… I moved to LA to study comedy, acting, and screenwriting. The angst of being a struggling actor led me into filmmaking. Through my production company Color Green Films I’ve made 7 films but our most popular movie series is “The Ragamuffin Trilogy” about some of my heroes: Rich Mullins, Brennan Manning, and St. Francis of Assisi.

Now I’m mostly focusing on acting, comedy, writing , and making my next movie, but occasionally I go and talk somewhere about how God is crazy in love with you.

I also do some occasional writing & podcasting here on the podcast redundantly called: Ragamuffin. I do this because my favorite book is called “The Ragamuffin Gospel” and so I can have a space to contemplate (in a non-religious fashion), have raw reflections, and real conversations with my friends on the subjects of life, faith, and the unconditional, non-judgemental, all inclusive, universal love of God.

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