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(Note: This message is just for one person – but if you are so inclined to read – this will give you a good picture of where I am at and where I hope to be.)

Hi Gary V.,

Whether you read this or not, I wanted to be prepared for our conversation and not waste your valuable time. Also, I’m a verbal processor – so this helps…vs. figuring out what I’m trying to say when/if we actually speak – LOL.

  1. Thank you. Thank you for the time, compassion for people, and your consistent content containing words of wisdom that I’ve been truly inspired by.
  2. Bottom line: I’m trying to figure out a way to monetize “what” I want to do – so I can continue doing what I am most passionate about. I’m looking for a compass in regards to the “how.”
  3. I’m going to give you a brief background (feel free to skip ahead – but it’s there if you want a better understanding of “me” and the story behind my passion (s).
  4. Lastly, the goal. I”m going to layout the “what” I want to be doing (ideally).


In some sense, ever since I was 13 – (I just turned 40) – I’ve always known I want to do 3 things. One – comedy. Two – acting in movies. And three, I love helping people connect to God’s love.

In some respects, I’ve gotten to do everything I’ve ever wanted to do. I’ve never craved money or fame – I’ve often called myself – successfully unsuccessful.

I fucked up my life right out of college. All I wanted to do was to be like Brennan Manning (Read or Listen to the audio book – The Ragamuffin Gospel). But this wasn’t going to happen (at least I thought)…so I tried pursuing acting…and out of the ANGST of being a struggling actor …and not wanting to sit around on my ass I started making my own shit.

  • I’ve made 7 (indie) films: Two comedies, one documentary, and four dramas.
  • I’ve spoken/preached all over the country about God’s love.
  • Through a few of our movies – thousands of lives have been helped – suicide prevention, relationships restored, people finding hope in that they are truly loved.

In regards to my faith: I’ve never fit into the Christian club. Which happens to have opened up a door to a key demographic that I speak to. Ragamuffins that don’t fit in. But I view the Bible, Christianity as a whole VERY different than the norm. I think the Bible isn’t a literal translation about a group of people that understood God – but a group of people that got God so wrong – that God himself had to come (as Jesus) to help humanity have a better understanding of God himself (i.e. An Unconditional – Universally Accepting, Forever Forgiving, Ever flowing WELL of grace and compassion – Divine Love) – plus I cuss, smoke, and drink. The line by Brennan Manning saved my faith, “God loves you as you are, not as you should be, because none of us are as we should be.”

For the last 15 years – I’ve had a wonderful ride of making movies and preaching God’s love to ragamuffins. Lots of fun, memories, lives changed.

I’ve always prided myself in being a poor ragamuffin, who God just provides for. I mean I have stories upon stories – both with the $ for movies and for basic needs. But now I’m married, two kids, and after the roller coaster ride ended. I find myself driving Uber/Lyft 50-60 hours a week to just pay bills (which I have no shame about) – and another 40 trying to figure out a way to continue to make content and help people – I’m definitetly a hard worker – a “doer” – but where I am running into a wall is basically $.

I – of course am continuing to pursue HOLLYWOOD – put this is nothing more than a HAIL MARY – should a company finance a script I wrote – or pick up a tv show I wrote – or cast me alongside Kevin Hart in a movie…You get what I’m saying.

So I’m trying to navigate this new world we are in of the internet, social media, to be able to become financially independent in three areas: provide for my family, $ to make projects, and a $ to help the poor, the perishing, and the imprisoned.

WHAT I WANT TO BE DOING (and am doing):

  1. Sketch Comedy & Movies

Social Media: Tik Tok/Instagram/Youtube: @thedavidleoschultzshow

  • Short black out jokes/ mini bits on tik tok and insta ; LONGER content on youtube
  • Facebook/Twitter : @davidleoschultz – mostly finding this as a dead end – less interaction – unless I pay for ads on Facebook. Nothing organic. Sidenote: back in 2013 – this is how our most successful movie “Ragamuffin” became an underground hit – is because Facebook hadn’t fully blocked organic reach yet. Now – nothing.
  • I have my own premium streaming channel for my super fans/supporters:
  • I have a patreon page: (this pays for 25% of our bills)
  • On youtube I put all of August sketch comedy (from tik tok) together in one “show” on youtube .
  • I’ve heard you speak on – reverse enginerring each social media platform – in how they operate – I’m continuing to study how you do it to get an idea of what you mean…but still trying to comprehend (:-)

As someone who has been in the Entertainment Industry for a long time – I think there is something coming that I can’t put my finger on – but I think Kevin Hart is the best example of where I think everyone will be going. Because of oversaturation of the entertainment market – and anyone and everyone can do content now – it’s just a matter of reaching them…I think this bridge of Hollywood…will meet this bridge of Self content Creators on Social Media…and that middle ground will continue to be blurred until it’s no longer there. If that makes sense – although you probably have a better sense of that , than I do. The new cable – will be bundling of streaming channels- it’s already happening. And, much like Kevin Hart – the new channels will be by your favorite celebs – the Rock, Tom Hanks, Spielberg – they will all have their own channel….Hell, I have a channel. And I’m nobody – LOL.

The dream is to not be dependent on a hail mary to Hollywood – but to figure out a way to monetize directly to and build up an audience – who are entertained by my COMEDIC BRAND of sketch comedy and movies…..

So the two questions are:

  1. How to monetize ?
  2. How to build /reach an audience?

Finally, Let me give you a dream scenario…that may be the cherry on top of you understanding (and me) of what I hope to accomplish one day.

I’m connecting and building an audience – putting out FREE movies, tv series, sketch comedy (that’s been paid for via monetizing somehow)…my super fans continue to have exlusive access to my fan subscription channel: & support at I can pay my bills, take care of my family, have the budgets to make projects, and dedicate a large portion of my profits to help the poor. Which isn’t dependent on me being a success in Hollywood. (If it does happen – I still want to continue to plan – that would just throw gasoline on the fire. )That’s the dream.

The ministry stuff – is another brand all together – Ragamuffin. But honestly for the last 15 years we tried to make a go of it – I definitely have my largest audience with beer drinking, cussing, smoking christians…but in regards to Jesus, and my faith – I don’t want to make money off of Jesus – LOL if that makes sense. Which is WHY I’m committed to making money off of my comedy and movies …soooo I can fund my own ministries to the poor and sharing God’s love with people.

Anyway – you’re a genius – I think all my ramblings will probably make more sense to you – than to me.

Looking forward to chatting.

David Leo Schultz

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