The Grand Canyon of God’s Love

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I can’t count how many stages I’ve stood on at churches, but it’s been many. From Ft. Myers Beach Florida to Seattle Washington, From San Diego to Baltimore. Ever since I fell head over heels in love with Jesus, I have been preaching one message and only one message, and that is: Jesus loves you.

And yet, I have found something both deeply astonishing as much as it is deeply disturbing… Time after time when I ask church goers…”Do you all know that God loves you.” They simply smile, if not practically roll their eyes, and give a polite “YES”- if not an out right…”Of course I do”.

Even right now, you might be like them …and you’d say…”Yes. I know that God loves me.”

Well, lets say you and I are on a road trip together, and we pass by the Grand Canyon.

We take a tourist pit stop, get out, and stand over that marvelous hole in the ground.

A hole so deep we can’t see with our eyes just how deep it goes…and I turn to you…and I ask very simply…”Friend, do you know that the hole in the Grand Canyon is deep?”

You might do, just what church goers have done to me…you might roll your eyes, scoff, look at me and say…”Duh, David”…I’m standing right here. I’m looking at the hole in the ground. Of course I know that the Grand Canyon is deep, David.”

I look at you, square in the eye, and say…Do you? Do you really? Well, I wonder if you might have a different perspective if I do this…

Do what?, you ask.

And then…I push you in.

And as you fall, deeply into the abyss of the depths of the Grand Canyon…you might just have a different perspective, on the depth of the Grand Canyon.

So I ask you again, Friend.

Do you know that God loves you?

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