God is not a time traveler

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My prayer for you and I today…is that we wake up to the reality of the present moment and that we realize that…

God is not a time traveler…but you are. 

If you are anything like me, you tend to be stuck in the regrets of the past or trapped by the worries of the future. 

Rarely do I live in the present. 

But could God inhabit any other reality? I suppose, but why would He? We often say that God lives outside of time. 

Time is a human construct to mark, catalogue, distinguish, and calculate. 

But God, we say, lives outside of it. 

I don’t know about you, but I tend think of God living beyond the structure of time (past, present, future) like a large umbrella stretching over all three realties.

But what if God is merely in the in-between, in the ever present NOW.

Our bodies are also in the ever present NOW, but our mind, heart, and consciousness is always somewhere else; somewhere else, constantly moving, constantly in motion, like a pinball bouncing back in forth between the regrets of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow – instead of living in the RIGHT NOW.

I wonder if this is why we are a society paralyzed by anxiety – to the point of death. Because, while God is here, we are always somewhere else.

And yet, we cry, yell, and scream…”God where are you!!!???!!!”

We seek him in our past pains and our future fears – going in circles – like a revolving door traveling round and round and round and round and round and round till we are dizzy, sick, exhausted, and burnt out.

Burt out by life, but mostly by ourselves. We are dying of regret and worry. Slowly. Sadly. Bit by bit our hearts of flesh are turning into hearts of stone. 

Our hearts are hardening, like the TIN MAN running out of oil, the LION chasing his tail in fear…if only we had a brain…a brain that would seek to be still, rather than a brain to be in the know.

If only we had a heart that sought to be loved, rather than a heart that sought to be right.

If we could only click our heels three times and go home into the arms of Divine Love to be loved as we are, right where we are, right now, in this moment…even as you read this…

But you can….

Maybe Brother Lawrence the monk dishwasher was right…that you can practice the Presence of God.

And maybe the best way to practice the Presence …is to be present.

To breathe.

To be.

To rest in the ocean of God’s everlasting, ongoing, Divine NOW…

Maybe by practicing being present to the Presence…we can stop time traveling…and begin to experience the present moment of God loving us as we are, where we are….

And if we do that…maybe we will be one more step away from just knowing that God’s love and we will be one more step towards actually experiencing His love.

Stop time traveling. Start living in the now and practice being present to Presence. 

Yes, now.

Practice being present to the Presence, so you can experience the Presence loving you in the present. 

And then…just maybe…instead of wondering where God was, and is, and will be…you’ll know in the deepest parts of yourself…that He is Now…He always was, is, and will be.


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  1. Lee Presley says:

    Thank you David

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