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Let’s get real.

I’d like to talk to you for a brief moment. But not the “you” that you present to your friends, family, spouse, church, peers, colleagues, and the like. 

I’d like to talk to the “one “who hides inside…waiting to be free.

I’d like to talk to the one who’s been beat up and broken by both the tragedies and normalcies of life and everything in between. The one who, as Thoreau said, “lead lives of quiet desperation.”

The desperately quiet one…I have a message for you today:

God loves the “you” that no one sees. He loves the YOU, “as you are.”

He loves the sloppy you as much as the one who gets all, as my grandma would say, “gussied up.”

He loves the one who would be an embarrassment to their spouse or friends if they revealed their true selves.

He loves the one who hides behind the mask of politeness, or the ones who “don’t want to bother them with my problems…or feelings…or…or …or…”

He loves the mother who breaks her back all day raising kids, wishing her husband asked more than her day, but asked deeper questions like…”How’s the real you doing?”

He loves the husband in the business suit and the fancy car who thinks he needs those things to impress …but God doesn’t ’t need those things to impress himself…He’s already knocked out by you. 

I understand why you hide. I hide too.

I have an embarrassing list of peccadillos.

I talk too much, cry too often, and have zero ability to be brief.

I’m too crass and sometimes too quiet. 

I’m the loudest laugher and grossest snorer. 

I’m the hardest worker, most driven, because I’m addicted to believing the lie that “I don’t matter.”

Regardless of faith, morality, social class, level of education, or achievements…we all have one thing in common: We want to be loved. But not the sentimental and sympathetic type of love.

A deeper love and genuine acceptance that parts way to actual DELIGHT. This is the love what we seek.

What does a plant need to survive? Sunshine. 

Without the drops of sunlight on its leaves, it will wither and die.

Does that sound like you? Are you disappearing and diminishing into nothingness because you’ve been playing hide-and-go-seek so long with yourself…you’ve forgotten where you’ve hid…and who you really are?

The real you, that hides inside, is becoming shy, quiet, and almost invisible to everyone…but you…the one who knows who you truly are – yourself tells yourself…I can’t come out into the SUNSHINE…the open air with my real self…because if I do…no one will like me

Don’t YOU believe it – you’re Abba in heaven. Your heavenly Daddy likes you – for you. 

The good. The bad.

The smart. The silly.

The successes. The failures.

The jokes. The tears.

The bad hair days. And the fancy dress.

He’s not petty or impatient like the rest of us…He’s not shallow, but deeper than deep. He is The Deep.

And he sees past your “good” list…and doesn’t flinch about your “bad” list…because he sees the WHY behind both…he sees past it all…to the little child hiding under the covers of what we present to everyone else.

Right now…even as you read this….I hope, in faith, you can sense him pulling off the covers of your “false self” ….and hear him lovingly whisper…Come here my lovely one…come into my arms….spill your guts…I will hold you as you cry, laugh at all your corny jokes, listen to all the wanderings, pain, and hurts of your heart….with ME…you can be YOU…the really real you…

My friends and fellow ragamuffins, once you can begin to put your trust in the love of God and the divine compassion that pours out of his very heart…the very compassion that created the entire universe and you….you will begin to change…

You will learn that you no longer have to hide…you can be yourself…because come hell or high water…who gives a damn what anyone except your Daddy in heaven thinks of you. 

And once that confidence of your true self runs through your veins…you will begin to stand tall, sit up, tear of the covers, jump out of bed and into the sunshine of God’s love and become the beautiful, life abundant, plant/flower/tree that you were always meant to be…why? 

Because now you know you are, who you are, you’re at where you’re at, and the best part of all is….God more than loves me, He likes me, and He more than likes me, He desires me.

I am His. 

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