EP: 1 – How to experience God

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In this very first episode of THE RAGAMUFFIN PREACHER, David Leo Schultz, gives you a glimpse of the fire that burns in his heart and the “why” of this podcast. He discusses pieces of his story and also unpacks how God has been chasing him with Divine Compassion since he was a kid from Indiana. He gives reflections and a simple sermon on the woman at the well and why Jesus hungers to feed our soul with His love. Ending with an exercise of contemplative prayer, David announces a special guest for episode 2 – Fr. Richard Rohr.

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4 Responses

  1. Lee Presley says:

    Wonderful thank you so much for this and thankyou for your honesty and integrity bro
    God bless you

    • David Schultz says:

      Wow thanks so very much my friend

      • Lee Presley says:

        No really I was highly encouraged. I am what some would call a “fallen” Pastor I now know what it is to be forgiven much. Ragamuffin pretty much describes me these days – and I’m glad!

        • David Schultz says:

          You, myself, and others like us – ragamuffins – are why I am doing this brother. You are in good company. We will enjoy together the love of God and celebrate that we no longer need to identify ourselves by our brokenness, but by how much we are loved by Abba.

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